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With Spring racing underway on both coasts, it was a full weekend for the Blue Crews.


Eads Johnson Cup  – On Saturday, the Eli traveled to Lake Carnegie in Princeton, NJ to meet the N150 from Navy.  In the most recent USRowing Collegiate Poll, Yale was tied with Harvard in 4th and Navy ranked 8th.  With calm waters and a variable 8-12 mph tailwind, conditions were fast. When the racing was complete, Yale was victorious in three events, while Navy took the fourth varsity competition.


In the 1V, Yale had a strong start against the Midshipmen and continued to build on their lead, finishing in a time of 5:44.1, 11.4 seconds, more than 2 lengths open, ahead of the Navy varsity.  The Bulldog 2V also came off the start fast, quickly establishing a length lead, extending to more than a length of open water, leading by 7.4 seconds in a time of 5:55.7, at the finish.  The Yale 3rd varsity, also broke free of the Mids with the closest finish of the day, 4.1 seconds, in 5:57.4.  Navy earned its lone win of the afternoon in the 4V as the Mids were able to lead wire-to-wire defeating the Eli by a 9.2 second margin, 2 lengths open in 6:09.2.   In preliminary competition, highlighting squad depth, the Princeton lightweight 5V avenged a 0.8 second loss on the Severn last weekend, putting a half-length of open-water and 4.3 seconds between the Tigers [6:10.2] and the N150 5V.  Princeton’s 6V trailed by an additional 1.3 seconds.


For full results go to: http://www.row2k.com/results/resultspage.cfm?UID=368AAE746B989BB0C4006D2F1C35EB5F&cat=1#.VwLPiKvp3lI


Yale retains the Eads Johnson Cup and now leads the series 9 – 4, having won the 1V in each of the past 6 years.  In match racing dating to 1961, the record also favors Yale, 9 wins to 7.   For those who are counting, and at the request of some, we have been informally tracking team results for the Navy – Yale races over the same period since 2004. Based on the formula used for the Vogel Cup in the annual competition between the lightweights of Harvard, Yale and Princeton, the tally on the day was Yale 38 – Navy 21.  Overall, the record stands at Yale 8, Navy 4 with 1 tie.


For N150, the road gets no easier next week when they face off against Columbia in Overpeck Creek Park, NJ on Saturday.  Last week #3 Columbia 1V soundly defeated then #2 Princeton by open water.  Navy and Columbia will compete for the WIT Cup.


WIT. Whatever It Takes.  Established by the rowers of the Columbia Class of 1998, the WIT Cup was earmarked for the winner of the Columbia-Rutgers lightweight varsity eights. But when the Rutgers administration withdrew funding for men’s rowing in 2006, the Scarlet Knight lightweights faded into history.


The Cup was revived in 2014, for the winner of the Columbia-Navy first varsity lightweight race. C150 was the WIT Cup winner for the past 2 years.



Results of Other EARC Lightweight Racing


  • On Overpeck Creek, with flat water in light rain, 3rd ranked Columbia’s 1stvarsity defeated #2 Princeton by open-water, 5:50.1 to 5:56.1.  The Tigers dominated remaining races with convincing wins in 2V and 3V.
  • On the Potomac River, Delaware swept Georgetown, but the margins were close and the racing very competitive.  The #7 Blue Hens took the 1V by 2.6 seconds over 11thranked Hoyas, in 5:38.3.  Margins in the 2V [1.7 seconds] and 3V [0.9 seconds] were closer still with the G150 trailing.  Delaware won the 4V “easily”.
  • On Mission Bay at the San Diego Crew Classic, with only 5 entries, 10thranked MIT 1V was victorious in both preliminaries and finals in Men’s Collegiate L8+.  In the final, the Engineers [6:43.3] led University of Victoria (Canada) by 4.9 seconds, UC-Santa Barbara [tied 13th] trailed by open water [7:01.5] with Sacramento State and 15th ranked UC Berkeley separated by a deck but trailing by an “easily” margin.
  • Harvard, tied with Yale for 4thin the rankings and still untested in the EARC, matched up with heavyweights from D-III Bates College and club squads from Boston College and UConn as well as novices from D-III Tufts in the rain on the Charles River.  H150 won 2V, 3V/4V by large open-water margins.  In Novice 8+, Harvard 5V bested Bates by 3.6 seconds.  In 1V8+, H150 led Bates, by 4.5 seconds in 6:17.9.



This Week in Other EARC Lightweight Racing


  • Joy Cup: Yalevs. MIT with Georgetown, Charles River, Cambridge
  • Princeton vs. Delaware, Dartmouth, Lake Carnegie, Princeton, NJ
  • Matthews-Leonard Cup: Cornell vs. Penn with Harvard, Ithaca, NY
  • Harvardvs. Georgetown, Charles River, Cambridge [Sunday]



Yale Heavyweight Crew


The song claims that It never rains in Southern California.  But it does occasionally get foggy, and that was the case on Mission Bay for finals day at the 2016 San Diego Crew Classic.  The big matchup in the Copley Cup final between the Yale and California men’s first varsity eights turned out to be somewhat anti-climatic. The two pre-race favorites and heat winners did separate themselves from the field – but Yale, rowing in lane two, led early in the race, led by even more through the body of that race and romped to a big open water victory of nearly seven seconds at the finish line; Cal was in second, with another nine seconds from them to bronze medalist Drexel.


Yale posted the fastest time of the regatta and they were also the only ones to complete the course in less than six minutes, finishing with a time of 5:58.760.  In the most recent USRowing Collegiate Poll, Yale tied for 1st with Washington.  California ranked #3.  Saturday in Seattle, the Washington 1V managed to beat Brown by 1.4 seconds.  Last week at Derby, Yale finished in 5:44 to Brown’s 5:53.  For the 2V, at the 42nd San Diego Crew Classic, the order was reversed with the Eli finishing 2nd by 2.9 seconds to the Golden Bears in the Men’s Collegiate 2V Grand Final.


Full coverage is available at http://www.row2k.com/crewclassic/


The heavyweights prepare to take on Dartmouth at home this Saturday, to defend the Olympic Axe, an event Yale has claimed for 12 consecutive seasons.



Navy Heavyweight Crew


The No. 10 Navy heavyweights started their spring season on Saturday against No. 4 Princeton in a five-race matchup on the Severn River in Annapolis.  The Tigers took four of the five races on Saturday and took home the Navy-Princeton Regatta Trophy for its victory in the first varsity race and Smith Trophy [Little Big Man] for team points.


In the first varsity eight race, the Tigers were able to grab the Navy-Princeton Regatta Trophy with a 9.1 second victory over the Mids at 5:28.6 to 5:37.7.


Princeton was earned victories in the second, third and fourth varsity eight races with margins of victory ranging from five to 15 seconds.  The second varsity eight race was won by the Tigers, 5:38.4 to 5:45.8, while the third varsity eight team took a sizeable win over the Mids, 5:45.3 to 6:01.7.  The fourth varsity eight result was 5:55.7 to 6:01.7 in favor of Princeton.


Navy ended the day with a three-crew race in the fifth varsity eight matchup including two Navy boats and a boat from Princeton. The fifth varsity boat from Navy was able to take an 8.1 second advantage at 6:18.8 to 6:26.9 over Princeton, while the sixth varsity boat posted a time of 6:55.3.


The Mids will be back in action next Friday and Saturday with racing at the George Washington Invitational.



Results of Other EARC Heavyweight Racing


  • Harvard and George Washington at Cornell – In 1V, 2V and 3V results were #4 Harvard, #7 Cornell and #19 George Washington in each race with open water separating each crew at the finish.  Cornell defeated Harvard convincingly in 4V8+ and 5V4+
  • Alumni Cup: Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT at Holy Cross – #11Dartmouth swept the lake and took the Alumni Cup with victories in 1V8+, 2V8+ and a double win over Holy Cross in 3V4+.  Columbia was 2nd in both 1V8+ and 2V8+.  MIT was 3rd in 1V8+ and 4th in 2V8+.   Holy Cross trailed the 1V8+ field and was 3rd in 2V8+.
  • Burk Cup:Northeastern at Penn – #8 Northeastern took the Burk Cup winning each of the 1V8+ and 2V8+ over #14 Penn by open water.   In V4+, Penn was 1st and 3rd.



This Week in Other EARC Heavyweight Racing


  • Stein Cup: Brown vs. Harvard, Seekonk River, Providence, RI
  • Arlett Cup: Boston University vs. Northeastern, Charles River, Cambridge, MA
  • Childs Cup: Columbia vs. Penn, Princeton, Overpeck Creek Park, NJ
  • Donahue Cup: WPI, Conn College, MIT, Williams, Lake Quinsigamond – Worcester, MA
  • George Washington InvitationalPotomac River, Washington, DC

Wisconsin vs. Syracuse, Chicago



Yale Women’s Crew


A chilly and rainy morning on the Housatonic River didn’t bother the Yale women’s crew. The Bulldogs, ranked fifth in the nation, rolled to five easy victories over Cornell in their first home race of the season.  The varsity eight retained the Cayuga Cup with a nearly 18-second victory. Yale finished in 6:21.8, while Cornell crossed the line in 6:39.7.  The result was similar in the second varsity eight as the Bulldogs finished in 6:32.4, 17 seconds faster than the Big Red (6:49.5).  Yale remained undefeated in the varsity four, knocking off Cornell 7:04.2 to 7:21.4.  The Bulldogs also won the third varsity eight (6:39.9 to 6:49.4) and the second varsity four (7:22.4 to 7:36.7).


The Bulldogs are back at Gilder Boathouse on Saturday when they host Boston University and Dartmouth in competition for the Class of 1985 Cup, an event the Bulldogs swept last season, winning the five races by an average of 34 seconds.



Navy Women’s Crew


The Navy women traveled to Saratoga Springs, NY for the Doc Hosea Invitational on Saturday and Sunday for their second event of the spring season.  The Mids endured weather conditions that included strong winds, rain, and snow at times, but came away with two races of top-notch competition for each of its first three varsity eights and its first two varsity fours on Fish Creek.


On Saturday, the first varsity eight race saw the Mids finish in fourth place of five teams posting a time of 7:27.54. Minnesota won the race with a time of 7:13.00.  Navy finished within 3.58 seconds of third-place UMass.  On Sunday, the first varsity crew was at it again and turned in an improved time of 6:56.25. Navy’s time was fourth fastest in its four-team group of Syracuse, Minnesota and Dartmouth. Syracuse came out on top with a 6:34.23 time.


Navy came in a very close third place of five in the second varsity eight on Saturday, trailing second place Dartmouth by just 0.17 seconds at 7:10.01 to 7:09.84.  In the morning’s competition, the Mids improved their time once again as Sunday saw the second varsity crew post 7:06.34 over the 2,000-meter course.  Navy’s time ranked fourth of five.


After the third varsity eight’s finish in third of three with a time of 7:32.56 on Saturday, the crew came back on Sunday and moved up the rankings as they finished in second place in its group with a 7:34.44 time.


In varsity four action, Navy boats competed on both days in the first varsity and second varsity races.  On Saturday, the Mids placed third of five in the first varsity four race with a time of 7:55.82 behind Minnesota (7:44.77) and Dartmouth (7:51.71).  In the second varsity four race, Navy grabbed its only win of the weekend posting a time of 7:52.96, which was good enough for a 2.84 second margin of victory over second place Cornell. On Sunday, the first varsity crew timed in at 8:02.93, while the second crew completed the course with a result of 7:53.79.  The first boat finished fifth of five, while the second boat was second of three.


Navy will continue action this coming weekend with two days of racing at the George Washington Invitational in Washington D.C.  The first set of races will go off on Friday afternoon before the competition wraps up on Saturday.




Other Good Rowing Stuff


In an earlier edition, we reported the results of the 162nd edition of The Boat Race, the Light Blue of Cambridge defeating the Dark Blue of Oxford by 2.5 lengths.  It was appropriately noted that as a lightweight Blue Blog, we should have made mention of the competition between the Oxbridge lightweights.  Two weeks ago, the famous Henley Reach provided a chilly and windswept venue for the 42nd version of the competition. A blustery north-easterly headwind and strong stream, meant rough conditions over the whole course and particularly in the early stages of the races, which are run over 2,000 meters from Phyllis Court finishing at Temple Island in the opposite direction to the Royal Regatta. The Henley Boat Races, established for the men’s lightweight race in 1975, were also home to the Women’s Boat Race until 2015.


The first of the two ‘blue riband’ events was Women’s Lightweight VIIIs. In 2015, only 3ft separated the crews and 2016 saw another exciting encounter. Both crews started well, but with a slightly more aggressive start, Cambridge took the early advantage, achieving a lead of 1/3 length by the end of the enclosures. Cambridge, on Berks, settled to 34 with Oxford slightly higher at 35. Approaching Upper Thames and the Oxford camp, Cambridge made a move, extending their lead to ½ length, but Oxford responded and the difference remained only 1/3 length at Fawley. With the two crews neck and neck it was clear that another classic race was in progress. Oxford increased their rate of striking to 36 approaching Temple Island and put their bow-ball in front for the first time. Cambridge responded in kind and again took the lead, but the Oxford momentum was irresistible and they crossed the line ahead.  Verdict, Oxford by a canvas in a time of 6:54.


The finale for the day was an impressive performance by the Cambridge men, who overwhelmed their dark blue opposition. Both crews had a strong start. Cambridge, striking 41 against Oxford at 38, quickly established a lead. Oxford, on the Bucks station, although technically very proficient, was unable to match the power, length and finishes exhibited by their opponents. Cambridge was two lengths ahead by Upper Thames, leaving the Oxford cox a huge challenge to lift her crew to respond. Striding at 36 Cambridge looked relaxed and clean, extending their lead to 2 ¾ lengths by Fawley. From this point on, the task was impossible for Oxford, who kept attacking as the water improved, but this was a dominant performance from the men in light blue who crossed the line well to the good, in a time of 6:19.


In the Lightweight Boat Race series, Cambridge now leads by 26 to 16.


For full coverage go to http://henleyboatraces.com




From Row2k, news of new announcers for the 2016 Yale-Harvard Regatta:






From US Rowing – 24 March:  Racing in perfect conditions on Otay Reservoir at the United States Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, in the third final of the day, the lightweight men’s pair, all four crews were from USTC – Oklahoma City. London Olympian Robin Prendes (Princeton LW 2011) and LT Edward “Mix” King (N150 2011) won in 6:44.45. Tyler Nase and London Olympian Anthony Fahden were second in 6:45.30 and Beijing Olympian Will Daly and Tom Swartz finished third in 6:50.50.


The win carried the right to represent the United States in the event at World Rowing Cup II in Lucerne, Switzerland in May as well as qualifying to participate in the selection camp for USA LM4- for 2016 Rio Olympics.





Go Blue … Go Navy … Be One With The Boat!






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