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A good weekend for the Blue Crews.  On the Severn, N150 sweep Georgetown and retain Forster Cup; Navy HWs competitive but leave Goes Trophy and Stagg Trophy to Cornell.  On the Schuylkill, Yale LWs and HWs sweep Columbia and Penn taking Dodge and Blackwell Cups.   Yale LWs defeat Cornell on Sunday at Derby.


John J Forster Cup – N150 vs. Georgetown


The Navy Lightweights went a perfect four-for-four in racing action on the Severn River versus Georgetown on Saturday. The No. 7 Mids were able to sweep the No. 10 Hoyas for the third straight year on their way to the Forster Cup victory.


“The team did a nice job today applying some of the lessons learned in the past few weeks of racing, and our hats off to an aggressive Georgetown squad,” remarked Navy head coach Shawn Bagnall, “We’re looking forward to the next evolution in our racing maturity heading into Eastern Sprints.”


To avoid the inevitable disruption of boat traffic of opening day of Chesapeake Bay Rockfish [striped bass] season, racing for Forster Cup and Goes Trophy [Navy, Cornell and Syracuse HWs] was moved to the Upper Severn Course.


In 1st varsity competition, Navy was able to claim the Forster Cup with a decisive open-water 10.7-second victory at 6:00.1 to 6:10.8 for the Hoyas.


The second varsity eight race showed an even wider open-water win with the Mids crossing the finish at 6:09.5 to 6:21.5 for Georgetown. Navy’s 3V widened the margin and exerted its dominance over Georgetown with a 21.3-second victory at 6:16.5.


In the “fleet race” Navy again demonstrated squad depth.  The 4V [6:22.4] claimed open-water victory, over the LW 5V [6:28.4], over a Combo 6V including one HW rower [6:30.4[, over a trailing Georgetown LW 4V [7:00.7].


#7 Navy will be in action next Saturday when the squad will play host #5 Harvard and #8 Delaware on the Severn River with races starting at 0700 in competition for the Haines Trophy.  Named for legendary Harvard crew coach Henry Herbert “Bert” Haines, who coached at Harvard for 32 years – Lightweight crew from 1936 – 1952 and Harvard Freshman HWs from 1920 – 1936, the Haines Cup is competed for annually by the Navy and Harvard MVL8s. The original cup was lost in the 1990’s and replaced with a trophy; hence, the award is now referred to as the Haines Trophy [NB: the Cup has since been found]. The inaugural Haines Cup race was won by Harvard on 26 April 1958 in Cambridge and has been competed for every year since with the exception of 1993, 1999, and 2000.  Harvard leads the Haines Trophy series 47 – 8.  Navy wins came in 1961, 1975, 1981, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008.


Last week Harvard LWs swept Dartmouth and MIT, however winning the Biglin Cup in the 1st varsity by less than a half-length [1.7 seconds] over #9 Dartmouth in 5:38.3.  #12 MIT trailed by open-water, 9.1 seconds further back.   At the 50th Kerr Cup Regatta on the Schuylkill River, rowing with 13 heavyweight competitors in Men’s Varsity Eight, #8 Delaware Lightweights finished second in 5:47.77, 5.89 seconds back of Drexel.  West Point, UC-San Diego, St. Joseph and Gonzaga trailed in the Grand Final




Cornell at Y150 – The Yale lightweight first varsity defeated two-time defending IRA National Champions and current No. 1 ranked Cornell University.  Conditions were highly favorable for racing with a light tail wind.


In the fourth varsity race, Cornell took an early commanding win against the Yale winning the race in a time of 5:52.94, finishing 13.7 seconds clear of the Bulldogs.  Yale’s second and third varsity eights also suffered defeats.  The 3V race was more closely fought but the Big Red was able to win by a half-length, in a time of 5:46.68 over Yale, 5:48.57.  The Yale 2V took the early advantage and led Cornell by a length at the halfway point. Cornell however was able to overcome the deficit and eventually beat Yale by a half-length in a time of 5:41.99.


In the final event on the day, the Bulldog 1st Varsity, who are currently undefeated, demonstrated their strength and led the race start to finish, gaining an open-water margin over the nation’s No. 1 ranked lightweight crew.  Yale finished 6.6 seconds ahead of Cornell in a fast race, posting a time of 5:35.31 over the Big Red, 5:41.94.


Yale lightweight crew captain, and 4-seat of the 1st varsity eight, Austin Velte spoke enthusiastically of the morning results: “Today was a good day for the team. It’s always great to test yourself against high caliber competition and each boat was able to learn something today. The key will be to take the information from today and turn it into boat speed in the coming weeks.”


The lightweights will next travel to Hanover, New Hampshire on Saturday to race No. 9 Dartmouth on the Connecticut River for The Durand Cup, established in honor of Loyal Durand III, “dedicated oarsman and Coach of Yale 150 Crew” for competition between Yale and Dartmouth Lightweights.  Since racing for the Cup began in 1958, the overall record stands at Yale 39, Dartmouth 11 and Rutgers 6, with 2 ties between Dartmouth and Yale.  Results, however, have been more competitive over the most recent contests: Yale 5, Dartmouth 3 and Rutgers 1, with the Bulldogs winning the last three.  In 2010, in Hanover, even after lengthy review of the finish line video, the race was declared a “dead heat”, “the trophy stayed in the truck” and returned to Gilder Boathouse.


Marcellus Hartley Dodge Cup – The Yale 150 won all races Saturday morning on the Schuylkill River to reclaim the Dodge Cup, from Columbia.  This was the 39th win for Yale since the Columbia, Penn and Yale Lightweights first competed for the Cup in 1955.


The Bulldogs notched their first win of the day early in Philadelphia.  After starting strong, the 4th varsity eight built on its lead en route to an 11-second victory in 6:07.5. The Bulldogs, ranked 4th in the latest EARC seeding poll, led the Quakers wire to wire after a strong start from the Yale 4V.


The next two races were more closely contested, but still dominant performances from the Elis. The 3rd varsity eight was able to distance itself slightly more than one length from Columbia, which finished second, and ultimately posted a time of 5:54.0 on the 2,000-meter course.  Penn 3V finished in 6:02 open-water back of the Light Blue Lions [5:57.7].  After a strong start, the Yale 3V, racing in the outside lane, had increased their starting stagger to a full length.  The Bulldogs continued to move on Columbia and Penn through the middle 1,000 and finished with a small margin of open water.


Yale’s 2nd varsity eight also won with open water, earning a time of 5:47.2, compared to 5:54.5 for Columbia, which placed second.   Yale’s No. 2 ranked 2V continued the winning morning with a wire-to-wire win. Racing on the inside lane, the Elis quickly closed the stagger on the outside crews, continuing to move through and take an open-water lead.  The 2V finished strong in a time of 5:47.2 with a 7.3 second margin over Columbia, with Penn 5.1 seconds further astern.


In the final race of the morning for the Dodge Cup between the 1st varsity eights of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Yale, the No. 2 Bulldogs quickly established a length lead over No. 3 Columbia.  Yale defended challenges from the Lions down the course, winning the race in a time of 5:32.3 over Columbia 5:35.2, with Penn trailing in 5:52.5 well back.


Yale lightweight crew captain, Austin Velte, summed up a successful day’s racing: “Today was a great day of racing across the board.  Days like today come from execution on many levels, and I’m proud of how well we prepared from top to bottom.  Now we have a quick turnaround with races against Cornell tomorrow.  Y150 looks forward to its next challenge.”



Results of Other EARC Lightweight Racing


  • Biglin Bowl: Dartmouth vs. Harvard, MIT, Connecticut RiverHanover, NH


#5 Harvard swept, winning the Biglin Cup in the 1st varsity by less than a half-length [1.7 seconds] over #9 Dartmouth in 5:38.3.  #12 MIT trailed by open-water, 9.1 seconds further back.


  • Dartmouth vs. Mercyhurst, Connecticut RiverHanover, NH [Sunday]


With very light tail current and slight shifting winds, the Big Green 1st varsity beat #11 Mercyhurst by open-water [8 seconds] in 5:50.8.  In the 2nd varsity eight, the Lakers reversed the order of finish, with a 3-seat [0.8 seconds] win in 5:55.6.


  • Platt Cup: Princeton vs. Cornell, Lake Carnegie, Princeton, NJ


#4 Princeton took the Platt Cup with a one-length [3.7 seconds] victory in the 1st varsity eight over #1 Cornell.  Water was flat with an 8-12 mph headwind.  Cornell won 2V, 4V and 5V events with the Tigers besting the Big Red by a length [3.8 seconds] in 6:08.8 for the win in 2nd varsity competition.  Princeton won the Platt Cup for first time since 2011.  Series record stands at Princeton 37 and Cornell 16.


  • 50th Kerr Cup Regatta: Delaware, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA


Rowing with 13 heavyweight competitors in Men’s Varsity Eight, #8 Delaware Lightweights finished second in 5:47.77, 5.89 seconds back of Drexel.  West Point, UC-San Diego, St. Joseph and Gonzaga trailed in the Grand Final


Full results can be viewed at http://www.row2k.com/results/



This Week in EARC Lightweight Racing


  • Durand Cup: Yale vs. Dartmouth, Connecticut River, Hanover, NH
  • Wood-Hammond Cup: Princeton vs. Penn, Georgetown, Lake Carnegie, Princeton, NJ
  • Haines Cup: Navy vs. Harvard with Delaware, Severn River, Annapolis, MD
  • Geiger Cup: Cornell vs. Columbia, MIT, Cayuga Inlet, Ithaca, NY
  • Subin Cup: Dartmouth vs. Columbia, Connecticut River, Hanover, NH [Sunday]




Navy Heavyweight Crew


One week after sweeping through two days of action at the George Washington Invitational, the No. 11 Navy heavyweights ran into the tough task of racing on the Severn River against No. 8 Cornell and No. 13 Syracuse on Saturday.  Competing in a five-event lineup, the Mids earned a victory in the fifth varsity to highlight the squad’s results.  In the first varsity Goes Trophy race, Cornell defended its title from 2015.


“We have a lot of young athletes that are developing and getting better every week,” remarked head coach Rob Friedrich.   “We were faced with strong Cornell and Syracuse teams today, but I have confidence in our team and I know we will get faster each week. With that said, our fifth and sixth varsity crews showed the depth that our team is all about. Our team is excited to continue working and taking the next step in challenging these crews at the Eastern Sprints.”


In the first varsity eight race with the Goes Trophy on the line, Cornell held off a closely-packed field with a time of 5:46.0. Syracuse and Navy completed the 2,000-meter course within 5.3 seconds as the Orange clocked in at 5:48.2, while the Mids finished at 5:51.3.


Cornell would continue its victorious trend in the second through fourth varsity eight races.  In the second varsity, the tightest of the day, the Big Red won with a time of 5:59.8. The Mids finished third with a time of 6:01.04. Syracuse (6:01.0) and Navy finished with less than a deck separating the two crews.


Cornell also finished ahead of its competition in the third and fourth varsity races.  In the 3V, the Big Red won open-water over the Orange, 6:03.4 to 6:11.4. The Mids finished with a 6:15.8 mark.


In the 4V, just Navy and Cornell faced off and the two crews were in contact at the finish with Cornell [6:09.3] leading Navy [6:12.3].


Navy’s depth was showcased in the final event of the day as the Mids took the 5V with a time of 6:17.1, wide open-water with “an easily” margin of 19.3 seconds ahead of Cornell (6:36.4).  Navy’s 6V [6:34.1] also finished ahead of Cornell.


Cornell also won the Stagg Trophy based on overall team points in the regatta.


#11 Navy will travel to Cambridge, MA this Saturday to take on #5 Harvard and #12 Penn in racing action on the Charles River. The Adams Cup will be raced for amongst the first varsity crews on the Charles.  In series overall competition for the Adams Cup since 1928, the record is Harvard 57, Penn 16 and Navy 14 with the Mids last win in 1996 and the Quakers in 1999.  In 2015, Harvard was the inaugural winner in competition for the Coach Rick Clothier Cup for overall team points.  Last year, Navy heavyweights had a strong showing in its final home meet of the spring versus Harvard and Penn.  Racing on the lower course on the Severn River, the Mids recorded three runner-up finishes of two seconds or less.  Navy finished second to Harvard in both the Adams Cup and Clothier Cup team standings and ahead of Penn.




Yale Heavyweight Crew


Top-ranked Yale swept #18 Columbia and #12 Penn Saturday on the Schuylkill River, winning the Blackwell Cup for the seventh year in a row. The wins today meant an extension of the undefeated 2016 dual racing seasons for both the first and second varsity eights.  The fourth varsity, which finished second only to Yale’s 3V, is also undefeated against fourth varsity boats, also beating Columbia and Penn’s 3rd varsity eights this week.


In opening early morning competition on the Schuylkill River, the Eli 3V got out in front off the start and maintained an open-water lead over the field.  The Bulldog 3V came in first in 5:40.4, followed by Yale 4V, open-water [8.8 seconds] back in 2nd, 2 seconds over Penn’s third varsity, leaving Columbia 3V trailing the Quakers by more than 2 lengths open.


In 2nd varsity eights, the closest race of the day, Yale defeated Penn by 1.9 seconds in 5:36.  The Bulldogs came off the starting line quickly and opened up water on Penn, 600 meters into the race.  A powerful move at the 800-meter mark maintained the lead over a strong 2V from Penn.  The Quakers regained some ground during their sprint in the final 500 meters, but were unable to pull in front of the Bulldogs.  Penn’s 2V ended up finishing the course 5.5 seconds faster than the Quaker’s 1st varsity.  The Light Blue Lions trailed 6.3 seconds further astern.


In the 1st varsity race for the Blackwell Cup, Yale emphatically finished 16.5 seconds “an easily” ahead of the field in 5:26.9, with Penn finishing 1.7 seconds in front of Columbia.  Since 1927, Yale has 46 wins in the Blackwell Cup’s all-time series.  Penn is second with 34, last winning in 2002.  Columbia has captured the Cup 10 times, with their last 1V victories in 2008 and 2009.


The heavyweights return to Derby on Saturday for their final dual-race of the regular season, the Carnegie Cup versus Cornell and Princeton.  Since 1911, the Andrew Carnegie Cup series record is Princeton 37, Cornell 34 and Yale 21.  The Bulldogs look to retain the Cup, having won last year on the Cayuga Inlet and a year earlier on Lake Carnegie.  Over the past 5 years, the series is closer: Yale 2, Princeton 2 and Cornell 1.  Last Saturday, Princeton defeated Harvard, winning the Compton Cup dual, marking only the second time since 1957 that the Tigers have defeated the Cantabs on the Charles River.  Princeton won three of four races, including the 1st varsity eight showdown between the #3 Tigers and the #5 Harvard Crimson.  The Tigers took the race in 5:41.8, 1.5 seconds faster than the Crimson, retaining the Cup for a second year.  Last weekend on the Severn River, #8 Cornell swept #13 Syracuse and #11 Navy winning the Goes Cup in the 1st varsity and Stagg Trophy, for overall team points.



Navy Women’s Crew


The Mids did not race this past weekend leaving two full weeks to prepare for competition on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, IN for the 8th annual Dale England Cup.  The two-day event will begin on Saturday, 22 April with crews from #13 Indiana University, #21 Duke, #18 Notre Dame and Navy




Yale Women’s Crew


On Lake Carnegie, Yale women won two of its four races.  In NCAA events, against No. 9 Princeton and No. 11 USC, the Bulldogs were victors in 2V8+ and V4+.  In the 1st varsity, Princeton has won the Eisenberg Cup in the seven most recent contests between the Eli and Tiger women.


The Tigers won the first varsity eight by a length in 6:29.6.  Video-review concluded that Yale had tied USC for second with a time of 6:33.1.  The Bulldogs [6:45.8] fared better in the 2nd varsity, emerging victorious with a time more than three seconds faster than the Tigers and 16 faster than the Trojans.


Yale’s varsity four continues to dominate, still undefeated through six races in this Spring season.  The Bulldogs finished in 7:42.3, nearly seven seconds faster and open-water ahead of second-place USC (7:49.2).  Princeton was third in 7:51.9.


Only Princeton and Yale raced in the 3rd varsity eight, and the Tigers won with a time of 7:02.3.  The Bulldogs finished in 7:11.4.


This Saturday, on the Housatonic River at Derby, YWC will face-off with rival Harvard-Radcliffe seeking to retain the Nathaniel Case Cup.



Other Good Rowing Stuff


From US Rowing: If the first international races of the Olympic year are any indication of what’s to come, the United States is setting up for a dramatic showing in Rio this summer after winning gold [M4-] and bronze [LM4-] Sunday at World Cup I.  Racing for the first time together as a crew, the men’s four won gold and the lightweight men’s four took bronze.  In Varese, Italy, the M4- took the grand final in 6:09.88, besting defending world champion Italy, which finished second in 6:10.16.  The Netherlands took bronze in 6:10.89.


Yale heavyweight alum Charlie Cole Yale HW ’07 raced at bow in the men’s four against a field of 10 other crews.  Cole, an 11-time member of US National teams, was a winner in the 2007 race in New London, and rowed in seven-seat of the Oxford Blue Boat that won the 154th Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race in 2008.  He is a bronze medalist in M4- from the London 2012 Olympics.


The lightweight men’s four, captured bronze in 6:22.99.  Switzerland won in 6:16.91, and China was second in 6:22.33.


Racing in this world cup in the two-seat of the LM4- is Navy LT Edward (Mix) King, USNA LW ’11.  King returns from the 2015 crew, has rowed with the U23 and senior national teams and will participate in his first Olympics in Rio in August.


The medal was the first for the U.S. in the event since 2003 when the lightweight men’s four won bronze at the first world cup stop in Milan, Italy.


“The guys raced well here in Varese and learned a lot,” said Coach Cameron Kiosoglous. “Clearly, the Swiss are a class act, congrats to them!  We really appreciate the opportunity to race here to get a measure of our speed in preparation for the Olympic Games.  Now it’s time to return home and get ready for Rio.”


Go here for full 2016 World Rowing Cup I event information.



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