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 N150 Blue Blog – It was a spectacular day of racing for the N150 with wins over Harvard and Delaware in 4 of 5 races and in the 1st varsity a win that brings the Haines Cup and Trophy back to Hubbard Hall for the first time since 2008. Bert Haines Cup and Trophy – The Navy 150 took four of five contests in racing action Saturday morning on the Severn River. Going up against No. 5 Harvard and No. 8 Delaware, No. 6 Navy was able to claim the Haines Cup and Trophy for just the ninth time since 1958 and the first time since 2008. The Mids did not finish lower than second in any race on Saturday. “The racing this morning was a set of hard-fought races where we knew that both Harvard and Delaware would bring their best,” remarked Navy head coach Shawn Bagnall, “Our coaching staff could not be more proud of how our guys handled themselves when the heat was ratcheted up.” Conditions were fair and fast on the Lower Severn Course with a 4-8 mph quartering tailwind and the assist of an outgoing tide. In the first varsity eight race, Navy was able to recapture the Haines Cup and Trophy with a 1.1 second victory at 5:47.4 with Harvard finishing second at 5:48.5. Delaware trailed the leaders by open-water [5:54.5]. The Mids took an early lead and at 250, had 4-seats over the Crimson, increasing to one-half length at 500. At midrace, with both lead crews at 38, Harvard took a big move, Navy responded and the lead was 3-seats. In the 3rd 500, both lead crews were stroke-for-stroke at 39, Navy gained an additional seat. With 400 meters remaining Harvard was moving on Navy, but the Mids responded and held on for a 1.1 second margin at the finish. The second varsity race followed a similar pattern for 1,200 meters, but with 500 to go the crews were even. At 1,250, Navy and Harvard were stroke-for stroke with the Crimson 2-seats in the lead. Both crews battled to the finish, with the result reversed and Harvard [5:50.2] leading Navy [5:51.6]. Delaware [6:05.2] trailed by more than 3 lengths open-water. In the closest racing of the day, Navy’s 3V got the Mids back into the win column when it took a 0.9-second victory at 5:57.6 to Harvard’s 5:58.5. Navy rowed through an early 4-seat Harvard lead at the start to put the Crimson a deck back at 500. The Mids continued to slowly advance in the middle 1,000 and with 500 to go, Harvard’s bow ball was on Navy’s 7-seat. At 1,600 Harvard began a move at 36 then 37 reducing Navy’s lead. With the crews apparently even with 100 meters remaining, Navy, in a final surge, opened to a two-deck victory. In “fleet racing” Navy’s 4V led throughout finishing [5:54.8] by open-water over Delaware [6:04.9], with Harvard trailing by a similar open-water further behind the Blue Hens. Interestingly, Navy’s 4V completed the course nearly 3 seconds faster than Navy’s 3V. Hubbard Hall bragging rights? In 5V racing, Navy [6:00.3] again led early and built to a 6.2 second open-water margin at the finish over Harvard [6:06.5]. Navy 6V maintained contact in third with the Crimson finishing a half-length or 2 seconds ahead. Delaware trailed by “an easily”. For full results go to: www.row2k.com/results/resultspage.cfm?UID=AB59E6EA068730E55E3B23D7A1FF6574&cat=1#.VyKO1Kvp1lI “In their final race on the Severn, it was special to acknowledge our Class of 2016 and their contribution to guiding the team over the past couple of years,” said Bagnall. “They’ve meant a lot to our program and we continue to look to their leadership as we head into the next challenge this coming weekend against Penn.” Navy, #5 in the USRowing Collegiate Coaches national poll, will travel to Philadelphia next Saturday to take on #7 Penn in races on the Schuylkill River starting at 0840 with 4V/5V. Remaining races will go off at 20-minute intervals with 1st varsities competing for the Rusty Callow Cup at 0940. The Callow Cup is named for crew coaching legend Russell S. “Rusty” Callow (Washington ’15) and is competed for annually by the Navy and Penn 1st Varsity Lightweights. Coach Callow was captain of the 1915 Husky crew and then coached his alma mater from 1922 – 1927. From 1927 – 1950, he was varsity heavyweight crew coach at the University of Pennsylvania and in 1950 he joined Navy as varsity heavyweight crew coach where he retired following the 1959 season after being associated with rowing for more than 50 years. At Navy, Coach Callow put together the longest string of rowing victories in history. Until Navy’s loss to Penn in the 1955 Adams Cup regatta, Navy’s MV8+ had won 31 straight races including the gold medal at the 1952 Olympic Games. The inaugural Callow Cup race was won by Penn on 23 April 1955 in Annapolis with Navy taking the Cup in 1956. The match has been raced every year since. Navy leads the Callow Cup series 33 – 28. Over the past 10 years, the record favors the Mids 8-2, with the Quakers winners in 2013 and 2015. Navy and Penn also will compete overall for the Class of 1918 Trophy. Navy won the initial teams points award in 2014. Last year, on the Severn, Navy took the 2V and 3V. Penn won the 1F and 1V and the Trophy. The margin in the 1V was only a deck, 0.51 seconds determining both the Callow Cup and Class of 1918 Trophy. Navy 150 captured the Callow Cup for the first time in its second year of competition. Representing the Navy First Lites and that winning crew, Lee Walker (Class of ’57) will be at this year’s races. Lee is the 2-oar from Navy Lightweight’s ’56 eight that won the Callow Cup race on 5 May 1956 rowed on the Severn (this is the 60th anniversary of that win!). The inaugural Callow Cup race was rowed in 1955 and won by Penn; the 1956 race won by Navy brought the Callow Cup to Hubbard Hall for the first time where would it remain for seven consecutive seasons. Courtesy of Navylites.org, here is the race report description of that ’56 Callow Cup race [the course was the measured Henley distance, i.e. one and five-sixteenths miles]: Water conditions: The wind was up the course at about ten knots and the water was choppy Navy started at a 34 and Penn at 32 with the Navy shell out in front by one-half length. At the mile, Navy was stroking a 32 and Penn 30 with Navy steadily increasing their lead to a full length. Both crews then dropped their stroke to steady the shells in the wind, which was picking-up. Penn managed to limit Navy’s lead until the one-half mile mark when Navy punched ten and the lead increased to a length and a quarter. At the quarter mile, Navy rowing a 32 was out in front by one and one-half lengths, at which time Penn upped their stroke to 34 and closed Navy a quarter length. Navy finished the race at 36 and Penn at 37 with Navy out in front with five feet of open water between them and Penn. Loyal Durand III Cup – The #1 Yale 150 had a successful morning on the Connecticut River, sweeping Dartmouth College with open-water margins in all races. Conditions were cool and breezy with light tail current. Winds were strong and variable throughout — tailwind for 3V, swirling in 2V, strong headwind in 1V. Following a defeat to Cornell last weekend, the Yale 3V were looking to get back to winning ways and did just that, opening up a 14 second margin over the Dartmouth 3V. The 2V similarly were looking to produce a strong result having also lost to the Big Red. Yale stormed out and led wire to wire, eventually winning in a time of 5:42.6 over Dartmouth, 6:05.0. Yale’s first varsity eight extended their un-defeated season to 7-0 in the final race of the morning. Conditions had reversed themselves to a headwind, but the Yale crew still managed to record a fast time of 5:37.9 over Dartmouth 5:47.9. Full results can be found on row2k here. Y150 now enters the Championship season and turns its attention to the HYP Regatta, Saturday April 30th. Yale will face No. 3 Princeton and No. 5 Harvard on Lake Carnegie in Princeton competing for the Goldthwait Cup in the 1st Varsity and Vogel Cup overall. The Goldthwait Cup is awarded to the winner of the annual triangular regatta among the 1st varsity lightweight eight-oared crews of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. The trophy was presented in 1926 by Henry Kimball Prince (Harvard Class of 1924) — captain of the first Harvard lightweight varsity eight to defeat both Princeton and Yale — and made retroactive to reflect the H-Y-P regatta results from 1922. Prince named the cup in honor of his Harvard roommate, Vincent Bowditch Goldthwait, who had drowned at the end of his sophomore year. From 1922 to 2015, the Cup has been won 43 times by Harvard, 27 times by Princeton, and 19 times by Yale, with one tie between Harvard and Yale, and a break for the four seasons during World War II, from 1943 to 1946. Yale’s last win came at Derby in 2006. The H-Y-P lightweight crews also compete for the Vogel Cup, awarded based upon total team performance. The Vogel Cup honors David H. Vogel ’71, Y150 oarsman, as well as LW and then HW coach, all from 1967-2003. In competition beginning in 2003, the overall Cup record is Harvard 7, Yale 4, with Princeton winning in the past 2 years. Yale last claimed the Vogel Cup in 2009 at Derby. In the 74 years of Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges varsity lightweight competition between 1938 and 2015, the EARC Sprints Championship has been won by Harvard, Yale or Princeton 54 times; on 43 of those occasions, the Goldthwait Cup victor was the EARC champion. Results of EARC Lightweight Racing 
• Bert Haines Cup: Navy vs. Harvard with Delaware, Severn River, Annapolis, MD
 #6 N150 1st varsity beat #5 Harvard by 1.1 seconds in 5:47.4 in fair conditions [4-8 mph tailwind and tide assist]. #8 Delaware trailed Harvard by open-water, 6.0 seconds further back. Harvard won the 2V and Navy the 3V, 4V and 5V competitions. Overall record for the Haines Cup now stands at Navy 9, Harvard 47 with the Mids most recent previous win in 2008. 
• Durand Cup: Yale vs. Dartmouth, Connecticut River, Hanover, NH 
 Y150 sweeps Dartmouth in all three races by open-water. With current and a 4-8 mph headwind, the #1 Yale 1st varsity [5:37.9] won by 10 seconds over #8 Big Green. 
 • Wood-Hammond Trophy: Princeton vs. Penn with Georgetown, Lake Carnegie, Princeton, NJ A direct headwind at 10-12mph with stronger gusts that increased throughout, made for extended racing. Princeton took all four events over Penn by open-water, Georgetown trailed. In 1st varsity, #2 Princeton retained the Geiger Trophy winning by 11.4 seconds over #7 Penn, at the finish, in 6:24.3 
• Geiger Cup: Cornell vs. Columbia, MIT, Cayuga Inlet, Ithaca, NY 
 It was cold with variable 8-12 mph cross/direct headwind, building throughout the course as Cornell took 5 of 6 races over Columbia and MIT. However, in the 1st varsity competition for the Geiger Cup, the #2 Columbia Lions [6:10.5] defeated #4 Cornell by a half-length [2.4 seconds]. #12 MIT trailed well astern. 
• Subin Cup: Dartmouth vs. Columbia, Connecticut River, Hanover, NH [Sunday] 
 With strong variable quartering and swirling tailwind and favoring current, Columbia swept Dartmouth in all three races, each by open-water margins. In 1st varsity, the #2 Blue Lions won by 9 seconds in 5:43.1 over the #8 Big Green. This Week in EARC Lightweight Racing • Goldthwait Cup & Vogel Cup: #3 Princeton vs. #6 Harvard and #1 Yale, Lake Carnegie, Princeton, NJ • Callow Cup: #7 Penn vs. #5 Navy, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA • Baggeley Bowl: #8 Dartmouth vs. #4 Cornell, Connecticut River, Hanover, NH • #2 Columbia vs. #6 Harvard, Overpeck Creek Park, NJ [Sunday] Rankings are per preliminary seedings in the 27 April EARC Coaches Poll for 1st varsity lightweight eights. Navy Heavyweight Crew The stakes were high again for the Navy heavyweight squad as the 12th-ranked Mids faced off against a pair of top-15 squads on the Charles River on Saturday. In competition for the Adams Cup and Clothier Cup, Navy went up against No. 5 Harvard and No. 13 Penn. A victory in the fifth varsity four event highlighted the Mids day of racing. “It was a tough day in Boston,” remarked Navy head coach Rob Friedrich “I thought all of our boats raced hard, but came up short of expectations in the final 500m.” In the first varsity race, host Harvard defeated Penn and Navy, posting a time of 5:54.5, while Penn came in at 5:55.0. Navy finished at 6:01.4. Harvard’s triumph earned the program its 18th straight Adams Cup victory. Harvard continued the victorious trend in the second and third varsity races. In the 2V, the Crimson won with a time of 5:57.9. The Mids finished third with a time of 6:04.1. Penn finished just one second ahead of Navy at 6:03.1. Navy finished runner-up in the 3V with a time of 6:08.4, which bested Penn’s squad by 6.6 seconds. The fourth varsity race saw Boston University, a guest crew, take the victory (no time given) 1.3 seconds ahead of Harvard and Navy, who was 7.2 seconds off the pace. Navy, Harvard and BU split uptheir remaining athletes and raced in varsity 4+. In 5V4+, Navy’s ‘A’ crew secured the victory with a time of 6:53.0, which was good enough to beat Boston’s ‘A’ crew by 0.6 seconds. Navy’s second entry was fourth at 7:09.5. “Our lower boats are showing solid improvement and have continued to find speed,” said Friedrich. At the end of the day, Harvard was also awarded a 2nd consecutive Clothier Cup as the highest scoring program at the regatta. Full results are available at: www.row2k.com/results/resultspage.cfm?UID=9900CAA5369E23FD159ECECC24F90C7D&cat=1#.VyKmQ6vp1FI Navy, ranked #13 in USRowing Collegiate Coaches national poll, will travel to Princeton, NJ to close out its regular season next Sunday and will face #18 Columbia, #17 George Washington, and #23 Hobart in competition for the Maxwell Stevenson Cup on Lake Carnegie. Navy Women’s Crew The un-ranked NWC took on a trio of NCAA Division I, USRowing nationally-ranked opponents on Saturday as they faced off against No. 15 Indiana, No. 16 Notre Dame and No. 19 Duke. In pursuit of the Dale England Cup, the Mids participated in six races over two sessions on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, Indiana. Navy finished fourth of four teams in the final standings for the trophy. “This weekend we had another wonderful opportunity to race some very fast teams,” remarked Navy head coach Joe Schlosberg. “Although we ended up behind the other teams, these races were hard fought and challenged us to try and find out how hard we can push ourselves.” First up for Navy on Saturday were three races in the morning session. Navy’s first varsity eight began the day and placed fourth in a competitive race with a time of 6:55.7. Indiana finished first with a time of 6:45.7. The Mids were 2.6 seconds off the pace of the third-place finishing Blue Devils (6:53.1). The second varsity eight for Navy came in fourth as well in their race with a time of 7:09.1, with Duke placing first at 6:47.3. The first varsity 4+ gave the Mids their highest finish of the day when they posted a time of 7:54.4 in a third-place showing. Navy defeated Notre Dame by 0.9 seconds and finished just one second behind Indiana. Overall, entire quartet of crews was separated by 3.9 seconds as Duke won with a time of 7:51.4. The action picked up again at 1130 with three more races for Navy. The pace for all three events picked up in the second session as Notre Dame won the 1V in 6:37.4, while Duke swept the second varsity eights and first varsity four races with times of 6:45.5 and 7:37.4, respectively. In order, Navy clocked in the first varsity eight race at 7:05.9, the second varsity eight race at 7:22.1 and first varsity four competition at 7:47.9. In all three events, the Mids finished in fourth place. At the conclusion of the racing, Notre Dame, Indiana and Duke finished tied atop the standings for the Dale England Cup with identical team point totals of 108. The Fighting Irish took the trophy home to South Bend, Indiana via the second tiebreaker criteria of best combined first varsity eight times. “This is our chance to learn from these races as we begin to get closer to our Patriot League Championship,” said Schlosberg. “It was great to be able to bring part of the USNA out to the Midwest.” Navy returns to action on Saturday when they travel to Philadelphia to take on Temple in their last competition before the Patriot League Championship on May 13. Racing on the Schuylkill begins at 1000 with 1st varsity eights racing at 1115. Delaware will compete in V4+, 3V8+ and 2V4+ Yale Heavyweight Crew
 #1 Bulldog 1st varsity remained un-defeated on the season retaining the Andrew Carnegie Cup for the 4th year. At Derby, in flat and fast conditions Yale [5:20.8] defeated Princeton by a half-length, 2.1 seconds, with Cornell [5:25.7] trailing the winning Eli by open-water. The Tigers won the remaining four lower races. For full results go to: 
 www.yalebulldogs.com/sports/m-crewhvy/2015-16/releases/20160423jymj91 Yale Women’s Crew Also on the Housatonic River at Derby, the #7 YWC swept rival #18 Harvard in all of four races. Yale’s 1st varsity eight edged the Crimson 6:07.7 to 6:09.5 to retain the Nathaniel Case Cup for the fifth straight year. The Bulldogs close out the regular season at #2 Brown in competition for the Nat & Anne Case Cup next Saturday. For full results go to: 
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