N150 Blue Blog – Week 8 – Championship Weekend I

Folks … The Blue Crews are all preparing for what is sure to be a great weekend of racing: · Lightweight and Heavyweight Men will be on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA on Sunday for the 71st EARC Sprints Championships · Navy Women will also be on Lake Quinsigamond competing for the Patriot League Championships. The winner not only takes home the trophies, but also receives one of 11automatic squad bids for Division 1 – NCAA Rowing Championships. · Yale Women will head to Lake Mercer, West Windsor, NJ for the Ivy League Championships on Sunday. Winner of the 1st varsity qualifies their squad for an automatic bid for the NCAA championships. For NCAA Division 1 there are 11 automatic bids based on league championships and an additional 11 at-large bids, based on 2016 season performance. Competition includes 1st and 2nd varsity eights and V4+. Rankings and Seedings – Championship Season is the only time of the year that rankings and coaches polls become meaningful as this is the determining factor for seedings, which determine positions and competitors in preliminary heats. Lightweights – Un-defeated Y150 1st varsity remains at #1 in the USRowing Coaches National Poll. N150 is #6. In EARC Seedings by Coaches: Yale 1V-1 2V-2 3V-3 4V-4 Navy 1V-6 2V-6 3V-4 4V-3 5V-3 For complete LW seedings go to: www.row2k.com/polls/index.cfm?cat=college&ID=597&type=EARC%20LW%20Men#.VzPrkqvp2lI Heavyweights – Un-defeated Yale 1st varsity remains at #1 in the USRowing Coaches National Poll. Navy is #16. In EARC Seedings by Coaches: Yale 1V-1 2V-3 3V-6 4V-2 Navy 1V-13 2V-13 3V-11 4V-7 5V-1 For complete HW seedings go to: www.row2k.com/polls/index.cfm?cat=college&ID=598&type=EARC%20HW%20Men#.VzPsxavp2lI Women – In USRowing Coaches National Poll, YWC squad is ranked #7. NWC is un-ranked. In Ivy League Championships seedings by Coaches: Yale 1V-3 2V-2 V4-2 3V-1 For complete seedings go to: www.row2k.com/polls/index.cfm?cat=college&ID=593&type=Ivy%20League%20Women‘s%20Poll#.VzPutKvp2lI EARC Sprints Championships Of note to fans of the Blue Crews: · 0810 – 2nd heat of the morning for HW 4V includes Yale in lane 1 and Navy in lane 4. · 0820 – Heat 1 of LW 3V. Navy in lane 2 · 0830 – Heat 2 of LW 3V. Yale in lane 2 · 0840 – Heat 1 of HW 3V. Yale in lane 2 · 0850 – Heat 2 of HW 3V. Navy in lane 4 · 0912 – Heat 1 of HW 1V. Yale in lane 1 and Navy in lane 5 · 0948 – Heat 1 of LW 1V. Yale in lane 1 [Cornell, Penn, Dartmouth, Georgetown] · 1000 – Heat 2 of LW 1V. Navy in lane 3 [Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, MIT] · 1012 – Heat 1 of HW 2V. Navy in lane 5 · 1036 – Heat 3 of HW 2V. Yale in lane 1 · 1100 – Heat 2 of LW 2V. Yale in lane 1 and Navy in lane 3 · 1300 – Grand Final of LW 5V. Navy in lane 3 rowing in the JEVA2 · 1312 – Grand Final of HW 5V/6V. Navy in lane 0 and Navy 6V in lane 6 · 1324 – Grand Final of LW 4V. Navy in lane 3 and Yale in lane 4 · 1645 – Grand Final of LW 1st Varsity · 1730 – Grand Final of HW 1st Varsity For full schedule including a printable PDF go to: www.regattacentral.com/regatta/heat_sheet.jsp?job_id=4571&org_id=0 __________________________________________________ For those who will be cheering remotely, the live web stream of Men’s Sprints will be available via the following link: www.packnetwork.com/USRowing/ Unfortunately, due to local restrictions relating to Life Flight services at the nearby UMass Medical Center, there will be no drone in-flight video coverage. Live Results will be posted to: earc.qra.org and mobile-earc.qra.org. You can also follow @quinsigrowing on Twitter for live tweeting of the regatta. ROW2K will have full event coverage for EARC Sprints at: www.row2k.com/earc/ and for Women’s Ivy League Championships at: www.row2k.com/IvyWomen/ As you have likely noticed from the racing schedule there are no Freshman events at the EARC Sprints. For Jope Cup LW and Rowe Cup HW overall championships points will be earned in 1V, 2V and 3V races, with points historically assigned to 1F going to 3V. The Gary Kilpatrick Trophy previously awarded to the winner of the 1st Freshman LW event, now goes to the victor in the 3rd varsity LW. Go Blue … Be One With The Boat! Cheers! Coach

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